Free Webinar from VPHA & AGV 2020 Virtual Conference

Free Webinar from VPHA & AGV 2020 Virtual Conference

4 hours free CPD (or EMS)

All entries for the Autumn 2020 poster competition are listed below

In October 2020, the first ever virtual VPHA & AGV Conference was organised and run jointly with undergraduate vet students from all of the UK Vet Schools. The conference, "Mining Diamonds", celebrated the VPHA’s 60th anniversary by looking at the past, present and future of veterinary public health in the UK.

Now we are inviting all VPHA & AGV members as well as those of you who may not yet be members to watch the lecture series and concluding session of our conference. The content is free of charge and can be counted as 4 hours of CPD (or EMS)!

Contact with your full name and current working status (just put 'student' and name your university if you are not yet qualified) and we will send you the link for free. If you do wish to make a donation for the CPD content, we would be very grateful for any voluntary contributions which can be made through our easy to use Paypal donation link. All proceeds will be spent on undergraduate student opportunities such as the VPH Masterclass and our brand new VPHA ambassador scheme.

VPHA Conference Secretary Milorad Radakovic

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