Veterinary Public Health & One Health  From Theory to Practice’

A Story of Reincarnation – and One Health

by Milorad Radakovic and his Guardian Angels and FVE heroes (2023), Edited by Karin de Lange

I am happy and grateful to be alive to share this wonderful ‘One Health’ story about wonderful colleagues, friends and people.

A true One Health story of Reincarnation, so to speak. The whole experience can only be described as ‘tragicomic’ since it happened immediately after my short presentation outlining the veterinary contribution and importance of Veterinary Public Health and One Health, at the General Assembly of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe held in Malta, in November 2022.

My Guardian Angels & FVE heroes – the veterinary colleagues who brought me back to life and I reflected on the ‘episode’ by sharing our experiences, sentiments widely.

If one of you ever faces a situation to carry out CPR on people.

  • Do have Confidence: vets know how to do this, might need refresher.
  • Do Compression: start and press hard immediately.  
  • Do Shocks: Defibrillator helps and instructs. Shocks don’t hurt.
  • Do keep going - It is hard work but very rewarding to be stubborn, especially if a life can be saved.

Thank you all for your inspirational well wishes during my recuperation. Once again cheers with  branded whiskey, given to me in 2003, signed by many UK colleagues and friends.

This was the ‘first drop in my new life’ shared with my close family on my return to UK on 27 December 2022.



If you wish to read an eight page story Click Here

Milorad  Radakovic