Why Join VPHA?


The Veterinary Public Health Association - bringing together veterinary public health professionals from around the world.

The VPHA is a division of the British Veterinary Association and aims to further the advancement of veterinary public health within the UK and abroad.

The Association is made up of veterinarians and allied professionals. Our members work across a very wide range of veterinary public health roles and are professionally engaged, in the development of national and community legislation, the delivery of animal and public health official controls, the management of zoonotic disease outbreaks, the certification for export of animal products to the EU and the rest of the world, food animal production, animal health pharmaceuticals, education, research and animal welfare. The scope of veterinary public health is truly broad!

Additionally, the VPHA is very proud to have a strong and thriving student programme and membership.

The remit of the VPHA covers all aspects of veterinary public health. The Association provides a link between all parts of the veterinary profession forming a common interface between animal health, public health, animal welfare and the environment- fulfilling the one health concept of ‘one health one world’.

With members working in Government, academia, industry, Pharma, general practice and commerce the VPHA truly represents the needs, and provides a Home, for all veterinary public health professionals.

VPHA is a strong and respected voice for its members and for veterinary public health across a very wide variety of forums nationally, and also internationally through the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE).

By maintaining a strong representational role, the VPHA ensures that members’ interests are protected and that veterinary public health has a strong voice, now and for the future.

Come and join us, have fun and make a difference !