Veterinary Public Health (VPH) is embedded in all veterinary roles.  Traditionally we have separated out clinical and non-clinical veterinary roles, with VPH roles fitting into the non-clinical category.   However, this distinction doesn’t fit modern veterinary practice and many of us now practice VPH and One Health in clinical and non-clinical settings throughout our careers.

For those interested in exploring roles with a strong VPH or One Health focus, it can be helpful to understand the type of opportunities and roles available and where to find them.

The VPHA website has sections to explore with more information on OV’s, Veterinary certifiers, Industry vets (meat processors and pharmaceutical roles); Government vets and Animal welfare.

VPHA will also showcase career journeys to inspire and demonstrate that moving to VPH and One Health roles is possible, whatever stage of career you are in.

Career Journeys

Extra Mural Studies Opportunities