Ruth Moreno

Ruth Moreno

Membership Secretary

She joined the VPHA in 2013 and she is the membership secretary and the BVA NI representative.

Ruth studied at the University of Cordoba, Spain and graduated in 2001. Just a month after her graduation she moved to the UK and started working as an Official Veterinarian (OV). For 11 years her work was related to the delivery of official controls in meat establishments in roles as an OV, Area Team Leader, and Lead Veterinarian.

In 2012 she joined the Food Standards Agency (FSA) working for the Incident Response Unit in London.

In October 2014 she moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to work as Senior Veterinary Advisor, Head of Operational policy and delivery, and later as Head of Consumer Protection for the FSA NI.

She is currently the Veterinary Delivery Leader at the FSA for England and Wales.